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PROJECTUS is a Consulting Engineering company, positioned among the 10 biggest companies in the Projects and Management sector, with more than 20 years of experience. Its qualification covers industry, infrastructure, water resources and environment, with a team of 600 employees and more than 300 professionals with Bachelor’s degree, at the head office, in São Paulo, and branches, in Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Sul.

PROJECTUS is recognized as being capable of providing services and customized solutions, as well as having a highly specialized and competent executive team, developed through the execution of more than six hundred contracts performed with success.

The company has ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications, by Vanzolini Foundation and is directed by two of its founders, the engineers Márcio Cancellara, President, and Marcio Ramos, Director.

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"PROJECTUS, since its foundation, in 1990, has as its main focus the excellence and quality of its services and on-time delivery of results. With this, we earn the confidence of major clients that, with our highly qualified team of employees and expert advisers, are responsible for growth and development of the company.

We seek to evolve and follow the changes in the market and in the engineering sector, in order to bring the best results to our clients, employees and community. In 2012 we started a new chapter in PROJECTUS’ history, marked by a period of reorganization, with new definitions of roles and responsibilities to make the company even more prepared for the future.

We are very proud to share one of the results of our work, the release of our new website. This is only one of the changes we are planning for the next months and for the next year. Our best wishes for our partners and clients, we hope to be able to keep writing together PROJECTUS’ history."

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Márcio Alberto Cancellara - PROJECTUS' CEO


imagem Organizational Structure

The following chart represents the organizational structure adopted by PROJECTUS, where the simplicity of hierarchical levels is registered, in order to make the decisions in a simpler and faster way.

Organizational Structure 2017

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PROJECTUS has created in 2003 an exclusive area in order to promote a Social Enterprise Responsibility, which has a commitment to respect the ethics compromises, human rights and worker’s rights to preserve an environmental system, assist the works to improve their conditions and grant high participation in the company regarding social behavior.


For PROJECTUS, its commitment goes far beyond clients and employees, it goes until the society and environment.

The company works directly in Proconve – Controlling Program of Air Pollution by Motor Vehicles – on the development of the Diesel S-50, by Petrobras, which results in a reduction of up to 90% of sulfur emissions and the white smoke emission.

In 2005, the company created the area of Safety, Environment and Occupational Health (SMS), present in all three business units, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Esteio. The area covers issues such as the disposal of flammable materials and equipment, recycling, awareness of employees about responsible consumption and accident prevention. It is also responsible for supervise and coordinate the actions of the Prevention of Accidents Comission (CIPA) and the Fire Brigade.

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Quality, Safety, Environment and Occupational Health.

Provide Consulting Engineering services, in order to increase the needs and expectations satisfaction of the clients and employees, based on the principles:

  • Improve continuously the efficiency of the Management’s System;
  • Meet legal requirements, environmental and labor regulations;
  • Prevent pollution and occupational accidents;
  • Get the fair financial value established;
  • Involve the suppliers and the community.

Code of Ethics

Are considered ethical principles of PROJECTUS:


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We can deal with a wide range of disciplines, through qualified professionals who can satisfy the following services:

  • Diagnostics
  • Master Plans
  • Environmental Studies
  • Basic Design
  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED)
  • Detailing Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction Management
  • EPCM Services

Expertise Areas



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